The green acacia mango is a popular type of mango in Saigon and is now sold nationwide. Green acacia mango is a delicious variety imported from Cambodia to Vietnam. Whenever the season comes, the acacia mango is sold throughout Saigon and transferred to other provinces and regions. Different from mangoes in Vietnam, acacia also has a very distinctive flavor that is easy to distinguish from other mangoes.

General features:

The left body is long, bulging on the abdomen and pointed at the tail

Fresh yellow pulp, fleshy, sweet, sweet and fragrant, low fiber, smooth and firm

Delicious when green and ripe.

When eating green, the flesh is crunchy, has a mild sour taste and aroma

Fruit has just ripe to green-yellow skin, smooth and beautiful, holding firmly, soft and moderate

About 300gr / fruit

Rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the body such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, fiber, ...

Improve memory and concentration

Support effective weight loss

Enhances eyesight and protects eyes from ultraviolet rays

Stimulates muscle growth

Supports the functioning of the digestive system

Use salad processing or eat directly with salt and chili

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