Grapefruit Export

Green skin grapefruit tree is not only a delicious fruit, but also nutritious for human health from the skin to the seed.

  • Grapefruit contains vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system, fight free radicals.
  • Anyone with kidney stones can find joy in green skin grapefruit juice
  • According to scientific research, grapefruit helps in effective fat burning
  • Grapefruit also enhances the metabolism, helps the liver to detox and clean
  • Great benefits of grapefruit also reduce cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of clogged arteries, extremely good for the heart.
  • Scientists found that the addition of 2 green grapefruit to the daily diet helps to prevent the harmful effects of gum disease and prevent lung cancer and prostate cancer
  • Grapefruit peel when making essential oil works to treat baldness, reduce hair loss
  •  Grapefruit seeds contain a amount of oil, esters, fiber ... help reduce fat, cure intestinal diseases.

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